Why are you named LunaTurd?

When Momma adopted me I was recuperating from a really bad chest infection. Momma tells me I was a big ‘ol mess.  Says I was sneezing big snots and pooting on her all the time and that my breath smelled like my butt.

She says every part of me was so stinky that she started calling me Luna “Turd” and it stuck.

I don’t know if I believe I was ever that stinky , but I do still enjoy occasionally pooting on Momma and Daddy.  Fun fact… my Momma’s last name is Sweet, so my full name is Luna Turd Sweet. MOL

Where’d you come from?

I found my forever home with Momma way back in 2008.  Momma adopted me from the nice people at Richmond Animal League.

When is your birthday?

I was born May 12, 2008.  I don’t celebrate for just one day…oh no.  That would never do.  I’m such a spoiled ginger that I celebrate all month long.  BirthDay….what’s that?  I’m all about the BirthdayMonth!

Who do you think you are?

I am the great and horrible LunaTurd Cat, your fluffy ginger overlord.   Please me and I will be a kind and generous Overlord.  Wrong me and your darkest days will seem unending.

Why do you need a website?

In order to make my plan for world domination a reality.  By enlisting my furriends into the Meow Militia.  Join me in my quest for world domination and become a Meow Militia Member!


Praise the Turd! Meowllelujah!  Bitcoin Tithing is accepted.  It is right to give thanks and praise.

Tithe the Turd

Share the glory of me and enlighten others of my fluffy greatness.  There are several ways to get your LunaTurd worship in.  I’m a harsh, but fair god.

You shall follow me on Instagram worshiping my images and reading my brilliant words of cat wisdom.

You shall follow my every movement on Twitter.  You Shall!

You shall worship me and all my fluffy orange glory by liking me on Facebook.

You shall follow, share and +1 all of my glorious images and posts to those less fortunate on Google+

You shall subscribe to my YouTube channel and receive the holy gospel of LunaTurd.

You shall follow my boards and pin my images with like minded individuals on Pinterest.

You shall connect with me on Linkedin – It is important to seek my approval on all your business ventures.

 #FearTheTurd !!! My ginger boy Leo says you are one bad mutha Luna!!


You are fierce! Those deer didn’t know what was happening! ???


Enlighten others of my fluffy greatness.
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