Turdlandians are the ?

Turdlandia Citizens Unite

Join the Meow Militia and gain instant Turdlandian citizenship.  In order to create a purrtopia, I will need help of furriends like you from all across the globe.  The time for world domination by cat is Meow!

Citizenship to Turdlandia is open to everypawdy, everywheres!

Become a registered Meow Militia Member to be added to the World Domination Map.  Feel the power of Meow!

LunaTurd's World Domination Map

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LunaTurd Cat\'s World Domination Headquarters: 37.527154, -77.454300
Mrs.Pocha.Cat: -12.142459, -76.978278
Ginny Queen of the Ragdolls: 52.370216, 4.895168
LeoViktorija: 44.786568, 20.448922
Thunder & Fred: 40.849668, -74.037592
Elfie the Squishy Face Kitty: 34.087051, -117.884959
Ferdík Leoš I: 49.431700, 15.223400
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LunaTurd Cat's World Domination Headquarters
My plan for world domination has begun!


Richmond, VA, United States
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Mrs.Pocha.Cat is super beautiful and super talented.

mrs-pocha-cat lunaandmrspochacat

She sewed these pawesome mini-we's!  That ginger beauty is me - I love it! Visit her on Instagram @mrs.pocha.cat


San Juan de Miraflores, Lima, Peru
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Ginny Queen of the Ragdolls

With her trusted LunaTurd Royal Guard, Queen Ginny is ready for the Meow Militia.  Being Queen is difficult & dangerous work.  So much so, that Queen Ginny has a clone of herself for more dangerous outings.  Visit her on Instagram @queen.of.ragdolls - All Hail the Queen!

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Comrade LeoViktorija hails from the streets of Belgrade, Serbia - he's one supurr tough ginger.

As pictured here, Leo shows great promise as a computer hacker for the Meow Militia.

Visit Leo's Meowma on Twitter: @OsmehSaStavom

Serbia, Belgrade
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Thunder & Fred
Ginger and black is where it's at!

Meet Thunder & Fred! Two amazing cats from Jersey.

Visit @punkrawkgyrl69 on instagram.

Little Ferry, NJ, USA
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Elfie the Squishy Face Kitty

Dapper Bow Ties for Ferals

@Project_Feral is an amazing team that feeds 20+ feral cat colonies! Our etsy shop is set up to help raise money for them and all they need. ElfiesDapperBoutique.etsy.com

Visit Elfie on Instagram

Covina, CA, USA
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Ferdík Leoš I
Welcome Ferdik Leoš I. to the Meow Militia! A Repurrblic_of_Catlandia Founder this handsome boy means business!   Don't let Ferdik's sweet cuddles fool you.

Be sure to stop by and say Meowllo to Ferdik on Instagram!


Pelhřimov Czech Republic

Enlighten others of my fluffy greatness.
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